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Evan MaddoxEdit

Evan Maddox...

He was an adorable nine-year-old boy who had been dumped at Lil' Bundles by his older cousins before they headed off to France. He basically grew up in the orphanage from the age of two to ten. He was created to mainly stop Merisa from bombarding me about bringing him back. (xD) He's the only living heir to the noble family of Winterfell and commoner family of McAlister and would be able to claim those if he was still alive.

A young boy taken from this Earth too early...

Through a series of accidents involving various extremely shady people, he soon vanished from the wizarding world. Three months later, his body turned up in a foggy field, swollen with water and covered in bruises. The cause of death was soon discovered to be strangulation and the people who did it were never discovered or caught. He is now buried alongside his family in the Winterfell-McAlister manor graveyard.

Rest in Peace, Evan Christopher Maddox

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Seraphina MoralesEdit

Seraphina Morales...

She was an elegant, kick-ass, muggle-born witch. Born into a very strict and military family, she lived her entire life in America before moving to England during her fifth year to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Suffering mutliple health issues throughout her three years there, plus combined with losing her mother, brought Sera to the breaking point. Upon her graduation, she began to flirt with Mark Bagman, but soon ended it.

A young woman trying to make her way in the world.

Sera has long since left England for her home country of America. She is now working on base as a computer technician, and has no intentions of ever returning. England has brought her far too many troubles as is and she's nice and settled... With a husband and a child on the way.