The Lelièvre Family is a pureblood family of French origin. However, they're known for being affiliated with magical folk, but when the times come, they will associate with muggles. They're of former nobility, and still, carry themselves like it, but they haven't been nobles for a long time.

They're careful to marry outside of their family lines, but always stay to magical descendants, mainly marrying pure-bloods and half-bloods. But the current living Lelièvres are very politically and military dangerous. They may have been brought down from French nobility during the French revolution, but are now politicians and militarians instead.

The Lelièvre family, especially the main branch and those who will inherit their family's title over time, demand a lot from children born into this bloodline. The children learn militaristic standing, and when standing still, it's a habit that they fall into parade rest stance. When not required to wear school uniforms, the children, or those in school, wear white or silvery grey silk shirts, jackets, skirts or slacks, and either loafers or boots. Their hair is usually tied back neatly, and they have a necklace or ring that symbolizes their connection to the family.

Most Lelièvre family members are either in Slytherin, or attend Beauxbatons, but there's been more than a few outliers that have fallen into the other houses. They're very dangerous people to mess with, and if they, or their family is threatened, then be prepared for the wrath of the Lelièvre family to come down upon you.


Main FamilyEdit

  • Général D'Armée Aurèlien Casimir Lelièvre (TBD)
  • Lady Fèlicienne Jasime Lelièvre (TBD)
  • TBD TBD Lelièvre (TBD)
  • TBD TBD Lelièvre (TBD)
  • Delphinè Flèur Lelièvre (Thistle)

Side BranchesEdit

Moreau FamilyEdit

  • Lord Enzo Dominique Moreau (TBD)
  • Lady Simona Renee Moreau (TBD)
  • Hugo Nox Moreau (Meri)
  • TBD TBD Moreau (TBD)

Lavigne Family (disowned)Edit

  • Aurélie Lavigne (NPC)
  • Kristina Lavigne (NPC)
  • Beliz Lavigne (Sophie)

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